Worship at St. Simon’s gathers us in prayer and praise to God, shapes us to live as Christians in our daily lives, and invites us to Christ’s table for communion. Using scripture, the Book of Common Prayer, music, and other resources, we come together in this sacred time to learn, to grow, and to give thanks to God.

All worship services are in the main church, unless otherwise noted.

8 a.m. – Simple, spoken Holy Eucharist worship service
9:45 a.m. – Children’s chapel – children are always welcome in any worship service
10 a.m. – The Holy Eucharist worship service, with music

Worship and Bible Study – 10 a.m. Tuesdays, Mary Stevens Room
The Rev. Linda Malia, from St. Jude’s, leads a simple worship service, offering communion and bible study, while participants are gathered around a table.

Healing Prayer – 6 p.m. Wednesdays
Abbot Timothy Titus and Brother Raphael, of the Benedictine Community, lead a service of healing prayer.

Life Passages
Every Sunday at St. Simon’s, we offer prayers for birthdays, for persons who are ill or in special need, and for those who have died, to ask God’s blessing at these special times. Throughout the year, we recognize God’s grace in the fullness of our lives with the sacrament of baptism, the uniting of couples in marriage, and the rites at death, into eternal life. For more information, contact The Rev. Twila Smith.

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