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Advent is a season of waiting, preparing, expecting … It is a time to see the darkness around us and even to confront it and enter into it more deeply – with the spiritual grounding of courage and hope we so desperately need. In contrast to non-stop noise and activity in the culture around us, this is a time for us to come together – quieting, centering, making ready – and watch the mystery unfold. 

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Christmas Eve worship will be at 7 p.m. and Christmas Day at 10 a.m.

Historically, the church saw this season as a time to prepare through repentance, so there are similarities with Lent and we hear these themes in the readings of the first two weeks this year. It comes with a generous measure of hope. We turn our attention to Mary’s song, The Magnificat, in the third week. The final week of Advent dawns with news of coming incarnation, the mystery about to be revealed for all the world.

Our Advent observance continues through December 24, until dark settles in and we draw close to the Nativity. Visible signs in the church will begin simply: touches of blue, like the winter sky, and a simple wreath in our midst. Look for the growing light. Listen for the changes in the prayers we say together, the music we sing. Notice, as the season deepens, the greening of the church, a sign of the everlasting life that comes to us through Christ. As the time draws near, take part in preparing and adorning the church, as we make room in our hearts for Emmanuel, God made manifest and dwelling with us.

The season of Advent begins the Church year, starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continuing until the first Eucharist of Christmas. Advent 2019 begins lectionary Year A, on December 1. The color of the season is blue or purple (we use blue at St. Simon’s). 

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