I’m New

Whether you are new to the area, wanting to return to church, feeling drawn to pray and know God more deeply, or simply curious, know that you are welcome. You’ll find others who are new, people who have come after a long time away from any church, and life-long Episcopalians. “Church” comes in many forms at St. Simon’s, including serving with the Genesis Center (next to the church), meeting with a small group, learning together, and Sunday morning worship services. You’ll find a community of people who love God and strive to express that in loving relationships.

Sunday mornings, 11 a.m. – Each week, we pray, hear scripture readings, and a sermon helps us apply God’s word to our daily lives. We share in the sacrament of holy communion. It’s easy to follow along, with responses and music on a screen. Don’t worry if you haven’t been to church before or if it’s been awhile – you’ll be with companions who are listening for God and praying with you.  

Children are always welcome in worship.

Locate St. Simon’s

If you have questions about the church – St. Simon’s, in particular, or questions about Christianity or how we express that in the Episcopal Church – you are invited to contact the priest, The Rev. Twila Smith.

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