St. Simon's Episcopal Church & The Genesis Center

Truly a South Buffalo Outreach Church Family

Come Join The Rest of Your Family!

(Fr. Will Webb, Vicar) (Deacon Milania Lullo) (Brother Timothy-Titus)

Ph: (716) 822-1900 ( ( Fax:716-551-6176
Come Join In Our Mission . "A Faith Community for All"
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  • St. Simon's is a Christian church.
  • We don't claim to have all the answers.
  • Your questions, thoughts and ideas are encouraged.
  • Youth and connecting with our South Buffalo community are high on our list of priorities.
  • All are welcome to be Baptised here.
  • Everyone may receive Holy Euchrarist at God's Table.


Our Sanctuary Lamp is given in loving memory of:

Jean Williams, Lee Brownson, Robert Kane, Joy Flattery, Jean Salzmann
Hazel Salzmann, Walter Simpson, John & Joan Gorski, Tonia Zdrozewski
Edwin & Pearl Bateau, Audrey & Howard Bowers


Parish Leadership

Mark Henger, Warden
Roger Schultz, Warden
Jean Hund
Matt Kramer
Tim Mazurek
Don Missel
Amy Schuler
Jim Hund

(Parish Administrator)
Mary Ann Merkwa

Ti Maxwell
Tim Bouvier

(Sunday School Director)
Mary Mazurek

(Alter Guild)
Carol McCourt
Beth Weeks
Leah Mazurek
Linda Wright

(Alter Guild Assitants)
McKayla Weeks
Molli Skeels
Hannah Weeks

Desi Bouchard
Welthea Christman
Kayla Davidson
Jason Davidson
Carol McCourt
Paul Miller
Don Missel
Mary Oldham